TDK Cassettes
  TDK always tended to have the largest available line of blank cassettes ever. I believe they had the most Normal Bias cassettes available on the open market. Maxell may have had the name number, but it wasn't as widely available. In the early 90's, TDK had an extensive line with having 12 tapes, not including the Pro line. Still, TDK was at the top of the cassette food chain along with Maxell, and still has the best selling Normal Bias tape of all-time: D, which has been there from the start. TDK was the last cassette manufacturer to have a widely available Metal Bias tape in MA.

  TDK's production line of CD-R's are the best ever, they rank as one of the top 3, along with 3M/Imation and Memorex. As for tapes, they continue to make the best, but TDK may never ever stop production anyway. They are just to world reknowned in that field, and the demand for their quality is great.

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  TDK had such an extensive line, there are bound to be tapes you have never seen before. On these pages, there are tapes that have been discontinued, older models, and so on, with brief histories about each cassette. Some cassettes even have their own page on this site!

  Here below tapes are listed by Bias. Each page lists each cassette in that Bias plus most will have a summary about it. Some of the cassettes have their own page on The BTG.

Type I

Type II

Type IV


The BTG Tribute to TDK's AD
  TDK had a really awesome and affordable cassette in the 80's known as AD. Come see how the AD evolved and how it fared with the other cassettes. Also see how it looked over the years. In my opinion, AD is one of the best cassettes ever made.

  TDK has an extensive Pro line in all of the history of tapes. The AM, SM and SM-X are derived from professional versions of D, SA and SA-X respectively, with the only major difference is that the Pro line is made in Japan. The Pro line is about 10 to 15% more expensive than it's consumer counterparts.
  Also, TDK had discontinued their highest quality cassettes: SA-X and MA due mainly to lack of sales and the push for digital media.
  TDK is also very headstrong into the DVD and Blu-Ray market and a lot of their marketing is in those formats. TDK is not expected to drop anything major soon, but the focus is a bit redirected right now.

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